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Major Wheel Overhaul - 2019

The photos above are the start of  the process… English elm tree from which all the timber will be cut for the paddles. The tree was felled in Great Dunmow and our local timber merchant, Peter Tutton, is doing all the cutting. You can see just how big the tree is!

From the mill Guidebook......

‘In 1957 the waterwheel stopped turning and from then on the mill was used for grain storage.

In 1994 the mill was sold to Essex County Council and the restoration project began……..and continues.

The waterwheel which was rebuilt, and finally turned again in 2008, is an undershot wheel; fed by water passing below the axle centre of the wheel shaft, driving the upright shaft and the gearing which turned the millstones....’

………….and now in 2018 the waterwheel, once more, has stopped turning as it is need of a major overhaul before it can turn again.

Under the guidance of the millwright and a few of the FOAM (Friends of Alderford Mill) volunteers work will begin on the wheel as soon as possible..........


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