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CraftArtist Salvage yard

Why is this website called ‘CraftArtist Salvage Yard’?

On August 11th 2017 DaisyTrail (the home of CraftArtist) shut up shop and closed their site down.  Over the 9 years that DaisyTrail had been running there was a plethora of Help, Tips and Techniques posted to the Forums and Gallery by the members which would have been lost for good but…… Alfred (corniest) and myself (nannyanne) salvaged as much as we could before the doors were locked.......

… at the CraftArtist Salvage Yard you will find pages full of all the wonderful tutorials for CraftArtist  (formerly DSA) that we managed to ‘Save’ ….. it’s not everything but it’s certainly a good proportion of the  ‘Help’ that was posted by the very generous DaisyTrail members.

Please remember that all the tutorials here are by folk who were members of DaisyTrail….there will be no ‘support’ for any of them. If you have a problem of any kind then it’s best to ask a question in a Forum  or a Facebook group that is related to CraftArtist. See the LINKS  page……..

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This site will be a

 ‘Work in Progress’

for a while as the tutorials

are  added bit by bit …



                     a lot!

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